Core Values & Objectives

Core Values

Accountability: Employees take ownership of their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions.
Efficiency: Managing the available resources to achieve optimum results/cost based use of resources.
Innovative: Embracing and driving change
Participatory Approach: Stakeholder collaboration for the benefit of the sector.
Reliability: Timely and efficient delivery of services.
Results-Oriented: Focusing resources for the achievement of objectives.
Sustainability: The promotion and utilisation of environmentally friendly practices.
Teamwork: Respecting each other while working to achieve results and building partnerships.
Transparency: Making the management processes and results more open to the public by clearly articulating the criteria and procedures for dealing with stakeholders.



  • To encourage the sustainable utilization and management of agricultural and other natural resources
  • To modernise the agriculture sector through enhanced research, innovation, technology and the promotion of sustainable practices.
  • To promote the development of traditional and non-traditional industries to enhance the viability and the profitability of the agricultural sector.
  • To provide the enabling environment that facilitates local agricultural producers’ access to domestic and export markets.
  • To strengthen the existing legislative and regulatory framework to create an enabling environment for the sustainable development of the agriculture sector.
  • To ensure that all persons have adequate access to safe, affordable nutritious and quality foods through the maximization of domestic food production.
  • To efficiently manage and improve the knowledge base and skill set of the Ministry’s staff.
  • To facilitate the sustainable growth and development of the agriculture and agribusiness sectors through enhanced youth, women and community involvement.
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