Application by PDF forms

The Services Unit is leading the way within the Ministry of Agriculture with the digital application for services.  

We have prepared several forms ranging from Farmer Registration to many of the rebate and incentives we offer.  

These have been prepared as PDF forms you can download and keep for repeated use.

Submission of Forms

These forms are all submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture via emailing them to

All forms have a special identifier that MUST be added to the Subject line of the email.  Failure to add this identifier to the subject line will cause delays in processing.  The Identifier allows for the form to be routed to the correct unit and the person who will be handling the processing.

Forms Processing

Received forms are processed through our internal systems which will still take some time.  Should any problems be encountered, an email will be sent to the email forms were received from and/or a phone call made to the number on the form.  Emails will be from a or from  Please monitor your email Inbox or Junk mailbox for such email.  Most officers do not have a Government-issued cellphone so a phone call from the 535-51?? should also be considered as an officer trying to reach you in connection to your application.  Not monitoring these two communication media could result in extended delays in processing your application.

The Outcome of Your Application

Any outcome of your application will be communicated via email.  Where a document is an outcome this is sent as an email attachment.  Where funds are the outcome, a notice of deposit of funds will also be sent via email.

Where your form is only the submission of personal information, officers will be encouraged to acknowledge receipt.


Any feedback or queries about the forms or services should be sent via email to

Please be advised that the officer is very busy and may take a while to get back to you.


Download the available forms from below.