Duty Exemption Application Forms

These forms are used by farmers and agricultural input suppliers to applly for exemption of duty on items imported for use in agriculture.

Filling Forms

Forms MUST be filled electronically. 

We recomment the software Foxit PDF Reader.  This software handles all of the features of the form without issue.

We have also tested the forms with Adobe Acrobat DC and have found some gitches in how it handles the form.

Other PDF software may also work with the form but have not been tested.

Guide to Filling Forms

This guide was prepared for Version 1.0.0 of this form but is still relevant for this Version 1.1.0 form.

The main difference between the two versions is that with Version 1.1.0 each subsequent dropdown list is filtered and provides only items relevant to the previous selection.

Form Submission

Forms are submitted by sending as email attachment to pdfforms@agriculture.gov.bb with the "DF_" in the subject.

The invoice MUST also be submitted with the form, either as an attachment to the PDF form itself or as an additional email attachment.

Any incomplete form will be returned unprocessed.

Results of Submission

Your submitted form will be processed and you will receive via email a signed Approval Document with a copy of the invoice as submitted.


Download Forms & Resources


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