Food Crop Research Department Knowledge

The Central Agronomic Research Station generally referred to as CARS was originally located at Codrington. In 1968 the Station was re-sited to its present location at the Ministry of Agriculture, Graeme Hall. The station was then and still is the primary facility for Crop Research in Barbados where Research and Developmental work on field and vegetable crops are conducted. Although crop research is the main focus, resources are also provided for developmental services to the public. These areas include Plant Pathology, Entomology and Cultivation Services.

Crop Research in the past included work on onions, white potatoes, tomatoes, cassava, peanuts and many others. At present research is being conducted on sweet potatoes, tomatoes, culinary herbs and condiments, sweet peppers, pumpkin, onions, cabbages and greenhouse production of tomatoes and cucumbers.

These crops are referred to as priority crops which contribute to the country’s huge food import bill. As a result the Ministry has undertaken research work in each of these crops with a view to select varieties with the following characteristics: high yield, good pest and disease tolerance and resistance as well as satisfactory acceptance to the consumers, all in an effort to reduce the quantity of imported vegetable by encouraging farmers to cultivate the various crops and to save on valuable foreign exchange.