Farmer Registration

All farmers hoping to participate in the MAFS incentive scheme are required to be registered.

During the lockdowns related to Covid-19, many persons who were involved with agricultural production and needing to be facilitated in their movement to and from their farms also were required to be registered.

The form below allows for you to provide the information digitally without having to visit the office.

Farm Inspection

After submitting this form an officer will visit the farm to validate information provided to to ensure that the safety standards are adhered to. Once approved you will be required to visit the office to have a picture taken and your Farmer Rigistration card printed.


The card functions as an identification of you being a recognized farmer.  The number associated with the card allows for you to make applications digitally for any of the services provided to farmers without the need to come to the office.

These include:

  • duty exemption for imported agricultural inputs
  • rebates for spraycans
  • rebates for cultivation
  • rebates for irrigation establishment
  • among several others.

Banking Information

 Registered Farmers are also required to provide banking information to facilitate the transfer of funds related to any rebate or incentive for which you are eligible.  This form is also provided.

All forms are submitted as email attachment and must be sent to with "FR_" in the subject of the email


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